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Jan 2024

Team – Francesco Cordaro




Francesco Cordaro

Senior Expert, Data Analytics

Francesco holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Turin, Italy and works now in Geneva, Switzerland as the lead of EoM Data Science & Analytics practice. 

Francesco has been part of the Economics of Mutuality journey since its beginning within Catalyst, the Mars internal think-tank. Over the last 12 years, he has been the architect of the metrics model behind the assessment of non-financial forms of capitals (Natural, Human and Social Capital) that are at the core of the Economics of Mutuality.

Prior to the creation of EoM Foundation, Francesco was leading the data analytics lab in Mars Catalyst since 2000 in Belgium and in the US. Over his two decades-long tenure, he has led a portfolio of research projects in the business, such as analyzing weather forecasting applied to cocoa crop modeling in West Africa; developing keys metrics to evaluate, predict and optimize the impact of TV advertising on sales and purchase behaviors; modeling of neurophysiological data from ads exposures responses and cognitive processes; applying Real Option approach to assess risk and opportunities in R&D projects and launch of new products on the market.